A Guide to Buying a Dog Online

#6 Labrador

Pedigree Dogs

When buying a pure breed dog, pedigree is the only way to know the dog is a pure breed.


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What is a Pedigree Dog?

A pedigree dog has to be certified by the UK Kennel Club. For a dog to qualify as pedigree, it must come from a line of pedigree dogs going back at least five generations.

Pros of Pedigree

Care Standards

Certified Breeder

Assured Attributes

Cons of Pedigree

Selective Breeding

No Cross Breeds

Higher Price

Price of Pedigree

Pedigree labradors are commonly £300 more expensive. The best way to make sure a breeder is selling a pedigree litter is to ask for a certificate of authentication from the Kennel Club.

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