A Guide to Buying a Dog Online

#2 Chihuahua

Puppy Farms

Being popular is not always good for a breed. Popular breeds like Chihuahuas tend to be desirable target for puppy farming.


Most Common Price





What is a Puppy Farm?

A puppy farm is a breeder who produces large quantities of puppies every year. With little care for the animals health or welfare. Puppies produced this way are far more likely to have health or temperament issues.

Puppy Farm Signs in Adverts

Less Than 8 Weeks Old


Not KC Registered

Chihuahuas Breeders Ad Frequency and Prices

If an advertiser is posting lots of adverts it is likely to be a puppy farm. If the puppies are over priced this is another bad sign. All adverts in the highlighted area are likely to be from unethical breeders or puppy farms.

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