Guide to Buying a Dog Online

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Data Visualisation


An online resource for people buying pets online that shows market trends using data visualisation.

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Problem Statment

The online sales of domestic animals such as dogs has long been unregulated by the UK government. In 2018 legislation was passed that allowed for better monitoring of dog breeding businesses. However, the awareness of these regulations could easily go unseen by market consumers if they fail to do extensive research into best practices.

The aim of this project was to explore whether data visualisation is an effective aid for consumer decision making in the online pet buying market.

User Focus Group

The aim of the initial focus group was to collect user attitudes towards the dog market. As a group they wrote down the steps, thoughts and decisions they made when buying a dog.

User Personas

Solo Decision Maker

Group Head Decision Maker

Group Co-decision Maker

User Stories

User stories were created based upon findings from the user research to understand when and for what the website would be used.


System Architecture


User Flow

Style Guide

MVP Prototype

An MVP was created so the concept could be demoed to stakeholders.

MVP Site

Co-Design Workshop

In the co-design workshop users gave feedback on the visualisations via worksheets. They also came up with visualisation ideas for the issues that were discussed in the workshop.


System Architecture


User Flow

Final Prototype

Click the link below to view the final prototype.

Final Site

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