Guide to Buying a Dog Online

Data Analysis, User Research

The purpose of the project was to use data to help consumers make ethical decisions when buying a dog. Using dog advertisement data collected from the internet the top six most advertised breeds were analysed to show; puppy farms and unethical breeders based on market research.

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  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Sketch


  • User Journeys
  • User Testing
  • Focus Groups


  • Python
  • D3
  • Excel


  • HTML
  • CSS

Focus Group

An initial focus group was conducted to find out the process users go through when buying a dog. Above shows the process the group mapped out. Below is the steps where the user would come into contact with the website.

Site Structure

In iteration one the site was split into breed/issue sections. Each breed was assigned an issue that was explained and visualised for the breed market.

Data Analytics

Each issue was researched throughly to help find patterns in the data. The data was analysed in Python and visualised on the site using D3. The focus group revealed that simple data visualisations were preferable to more complex ones. Visualisations were sketched then mocked up in Illustrator before being built in D3.

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