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This project is an analysis of the online dog advertisements. The purpose is to help consumers understand the issues and make informed market choices.

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6 Most Advertised Breeds

8% of dog adverts online are for French Bulldogs. Review the breed market with the breed advisor.

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New Legislation

New legislation came into effect on the 1st of October 2018. This means that all breeders who sell puppies for profit must have a licence from the council. This also means that there are stricter rules for breeders when creating adverts.

Advert Legal Requirements

The law now stipulates all animals being sold for profit must include the following information in the advertisement.

Licence Number

Issuing Authority

Photograph of Dog

Age of Dog

Country of Origin

Country of Sale

Advert Checklist

Make sure the adverts you are considering are from an ethical breeder. Tick off each item to get a step closer to buying your new furry family member.

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