A Guide to Buying a Dog Online


Always make sure all of the following are present in an advert and on the visit.

First Vaccinated

Make sure the puppy has had its first vaccination with the breeder. This is a requirement by law.

Medical Scores

Make sure the parents have good medical scores to ensure healthy offspring.

KC Certificate

If buying a pedigree dog, make sure you receive the Kennel Club certificate.

See Mother

Puppies must stay with their mother for 8 weeks. Always ask to see the mother on visits.

8 Weeks Old

Only take home a puppy that is 8 weeks old because they must stay with the mother for 8 weeks.

Meeting Point

Only meet breeders that invite you to the place the puppy was born and reared.

Verify Images

Right click and select ‘search Google for image’ to make sure they are original.

Verify Phone Number

Many puppy farms post multiple adverts using the same phone number. Search for it in Google.

Natural Colour

Research the natural colours of the breed you choose. Un-natural colours indicate genetic issues.

Dog Market Advice

Puppy Farms

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Cross Breeds

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