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Puppy Farms

What is a puppy farm?

A puppy farm is a breeder who produces large quantities of puppies every year. With little care for the animals health or welfare. Puppies produced this way are far more likely to have health or temperament issues.

Health Issues Puppy Farms Cause


Contagious disease


From living in a bad environment

Genetic Disorder

Improper breeding

Puppy Farm Signs in Adverts

Less Than 8 Weeks Old


Not Kennel Club Registered

Types of Breeders

Hobby Breeders

One off breeders. Will have max one advert a year.

Assured Breeder

Have a few dogs that they breed from following animal welfare regulations. Will have less than 4 adverts a year and less than 2 breeds.

Puppy Farm

Have many dogs for breeding and will little care for animal welfare. Will have more than 4 adverts a year and multiple breeds.

Advertiser Frequency in 2018

If an advertiser is posting lots of adverts it is likely to be a puppy farm. If the puppies are over priced this is another bad sign. All advertisers posting more than adverts four adverts a year are likely to be a puppy farm.

Advertisers Selling Multiple Breeds in 2018

If an advertiser is selling multiple breeds they are likely to be a puppy farm.

Decision Impact

Choosing a dog from an ethical breeder stops the profitability of unethical puppy farming.

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Cross Breeds

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