A Guide to Buying a Dog Online


Cross Breeds

Benefits of Cross Breeds

Better Genetics

They have a have a more diverse gene pool.


Because of their diverse genes they are less likely to get sick.

Save Money

Save money on vet bills. Also many are available for adoption.

Proportion of Pure to Cross Breeds

Cross breed dogs take up 22% of the online market. Many cross breeds are a new popular type of dog called ‘hybrids’.

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What is a hybrid dog?

A hybrid dog is the result of the controlled mixed breeding of two pure breed dogs. This is generally done to create a dog with ‘desirable’ attributes, such as; hypoallergenic coat and high intelligence.

Variations of Hybrids

The number refers to the generation. The ‘b’ means the dog has been back bred. Back and cross breeding are likely to remove weak genes, making the dog healthier.

Why are crosses healthier?

Cross breed dogs have less genetic health issues. This is because different breeds have different genes. For a gene to be passed on to a puppy both parents must possess the gene.

Most Advertised Hybrid Dogs

Hybrid dogs are becoming as popular as pure breeds. Cockapoos are the 4th most advertised dog online.

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