Chip and Dip

Chip and Dip is a Data Comic that depicts a scenario for how people navigate in the future.

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Chapter 2:
Chip and
his chip

In 2050 IoT has become vital to society. Microchips are used for tracking the movements of people and things.

The buildings in London are tracked using IoT microchips.

Chip is one of the 86% of people in London that have a biological microchip.

To control the microchip they use voice commands and eye movements. They view information through a contact lens in augmented reality.

Using voice commands users can access IGo maps to select a location. They view the directions through their contact lens in augmented reality.

*ding* - Meet Dip @ Nacho Bar

Due to the amount of people using the internet more data centres than ever are required to keep it up and running.